"Dance" is the most physically and mentally demanding subject within the Performing Arts. Our professional staff, through their knowledge and love for dance, hope to inspire in our students not only dance technique and style but the determination, dedication, and self discipline that is needed to acquire the rewards in the dance education.

It is our feeling that when our students have left the studio, whether it is to pursue a career in dance or not, that he or she has developed a stronger character through self confidence, awareness of themselves physically and mentally a greater sense of responsibility, and a better appreciation of the arts. 
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CLASSES ARE CANCELLED on Tuesday, February 26th due to the snow storm!

Please check with WJBC or this website for class status whenever there is bad weather!

All Classes Are Suspended!




Stacy's Dance Factory

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May God Bless you and Protect you and your family!

The Dance Factory is closing the studio and store for this week and possibly longer.

This decision was extremely difficult - I truly wanted to provide a sense of normalcy for my students and familes during this scary and crazy time. Dance is such a wonderful way to deal with stress and anxiety. It also heals the soul.

However, I feel that we should follow the mandates of our leaders and the examples of others to responsibly protect each other from this dangerous virus.

This brings me to tears for I will miss all of you so very much - but I feel it's the safest thing for our dance families.

We will be sending out videos, contests, and other fun dance challenges for all of you this week.

We gave an extra week built into our schedule for snow days and we only used that on Wednesday for a snow day. And thankfully spring break is next week anyway.

Please message me any concerns or needs that you have and I will do my best to answer them.

We will schedule makeup classes as soon as possible! AND OUR RECITAL DATE is still secure! We have that to look forward to, God willing.

Let us think also of those losing their jobs and the small businesses in our community that need our support. Let each other know of some of these businesses by name - I already mentioned ROSIE'S for example.

Please stay safe! All of our love we send to you and to your families! God bless all of our dance families!